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Non-toxic phosphite

A new type of organic ester phosphorus-containing antioxidant, mainly used as an auxiliary antioxidant for various synthetic resins such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, ABS resin and polyester. It has the functions of preventing oxidation and improving color. Outstanding role, with good antioxidant properties and the function of preventing "zinc burning", and has good lubricity. This product does not contain phenol and bisphenol A, safe and non-toxic, in line with the latest market laws and development trends Comply with EU RoHS, WEEE directive requirements, can be used for food packaging materials. Mainly applicable to ABS, PS, HIPS, NBR, SBS, PP, PE, LLDPE, PVC, PC, PA, PET, UP, amide fiber, polyester fiber, adhesive mixture.


★ Basic elements of the product

Appearance: colorless or light yellow viscous liquid, no mechanical impurities

Packing: Net weight 200KG / galvanized iron barrel (16 tons for a small cabinet), 1000KG / IB barrel (18 tons for a small cabinet) or 23 tons of ISOTANK

  • Product description
  • Product Quality Checklist
  • Product Process

1. Basic Product Information

Appearance: colorless or light yellow viscous liquid, no mechanical impurities
Phosphorus content%: 5.20-5.90
Refractive index (η025): 1.4860-1.4980
Density (20 ℃), g / cm3: 0.95-0.98
Heating loss (125 ℃,%): ≤0.5
Viscosity: mPa · s: ≤300 (25 ℃)
Amount of non-toxic phosphite added: between 0.5 parts


2. Product addition ratio
Addition ratio of liquid sub-non-toxic phosphate ester in various formulations:
Addition dosage for compounding organic tin: 5-18%
Used for compounding liquid compound calcium and zinc: 5-15%
Adding amount of compound calcium and zinc compound powder: 5-15%
When used with PVC formula added directly: 0.5-1%
Packing: Galvanized iron drum, net weight 180 kg or 200 kg per drum
During transportation, please do not cause impact to cause leakage, transport and store as non-dangerous goods (away from fire)
Storage: Store at room temperature, there will be solidification below zero temperature
The product is an oily liquid polymer with a fatty smell. If it is scattered on the ground, please clean it immediately to prevent it from slipping.


3. Product use
This product is a new type organic ester phosphorus-containing antioxidant, mainly used as auxiliary antioxidant for various synthetic resins such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, ABS resin and polyester. It has a prominent role in preventing oxidation and improving color; it has high thermal stability, weather resistance and hydrolytic stability, so it has good processing stability. Due to its pentaerythritol structure and high molecular weight characteristics, this product is very suitable for the application of polymeric materials requiring high-temperature processing. Since it contains alkyl trivalent phosphorus, the antioxidant effect is more prominent and efficient. The product has good anti-oxidant performance and the function of preventing "zinc burning", and has good lubricity. This product does not contain phenol and bisphenol A, is safe and non-toxic, and complies with the latest market regulations and development trends. Comply with EU RoHS, WEEE directive requirements, can be used for food packaging materials. It is mainly suitable for the production and processing of ABS, PS, HIPS, NBR, SBS, PP, PE, LLDPE, PVC, PC, PA, PET, UP, amide fiber, polyester fiber, adhesives, coatings, inks, and composite additives; It is used in the compounding of calcium and zinc stabilizers as antioxidants and auxiliary stabilizers.
This product imitates Markl500 of Argus Chemical Company of the United States, and is a non-toxic variety approved by U.S. FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration, an international authority). After chemical analysis, the chemical structure is exactly the same as Mark1500, without other impurities. Other domestic varieties developed from the 1960s to the 1970s have not been recognized by the FDA as non-toxic, and are classified as toxic and low-drug. In addition to the real non-toxic advantages, non-toxic phosphite esters are also superior to other varieties in terms of thermal stability of PVC in the early coloring performance and transparency. Not only that, but its performance is also superior to new phosphites such as CHP and OHP. Due to its low dosage and high price, it does not increase the cost of the formula.
In addition to PVC products, non-toxic phosphite can also be used as an oxygen thermal stabilizer in PE, PP, ABS, and SBS. It has a good coordination effect with antioxidants such as "1010", which can improve resistance Oxygen effect and reduce product cost.
1. PVC industry: food pellets, medical pellets, transparent hard films, transparent hoses, water pipes, agricultural films, heat shrinkable films, medical gloves, etc.
2. PE industry: agricultural resistant agricultural film, etc.
3. PP industry: flame-retardant packing belts, etc.
4. Others: compound liquid compound stabilizer, paste compound stabilizer, engineering plastic anti-aging agent, rubber anti-aging agent, etc.

Non-toxic phosphite

Product Name

Non-Poisonous Phosphite Ester

Batch No.



3000 KGS




Validity   Date


Analysis   items




Colorless viscous liquid

Colorless viscous liquid

Phosphorus content (P%)



Refractive indexη25






Heating loss (%)



Viscosity (mpa.s)




Up to   standard


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